Left Handed Bolt Protectors

Q. Do the bolt protectors suit left handed bolts?

A. We have made many left handed varieties, please email us with your specific request.

Bolt Protectors

Q. Why doesn't my bolt fit into the correct bolt protector for my rifle?

A. In these cases we have found the shooter has manually de-cocked their bolt (subconsciously), upon removal from the breech. You should take the bolt directly out of your breech and place immediately into the bolt protector- which will then de-cock the bolt for you.

Bolt Protectors

Q. Do the bolt protectors suit all bolt types?

A. No, the bolt protectors are made to suit particular bolt types. Otherwise they would not be able to de-cock correctly.

Cleaning Rod Guide

Q. Why can't I remove my cleaning rod guide from the breech?

A. Our cleaning rod guides have a lock-in mechanism which prevents the rod guide moving during use. To remove the cleaning rod guide you need to press in the bolt release button.

Bolt Knobs

Q. What size is the thread on the bolt knobs?

A. The thread size on the bold knobs vary depending on the bolt type. If you have a specific size you require - please do not hesitate to ask us.

Barrel Tuner

Q. How does a barrel tuner really work?

A. The barrel tuner tunes the barrel with the movement of the bullet upon its release, therefore, enabling the bullet to exit with less interference.

Tuner Cleaning

Q. Does the barrel tuner need to be cleaned as often as my barrel?

A. Yes, definitely and in many cases more often! We would recommend the end of your barrel be cleaned regularly, as this is most important to remain clean.

Tuner Weight

Q. What pitch is the thread of the weight on the barrel tuner?

A. The thread is a 1 mm pitch.