Barrel Tuners

Barrel tuners are becoming increasingly more popular within the shooting fraternity. They are designed to assist 'tune' your rifle/barrel to achieve greater accuracy, allowing you to shoot smaller & tighter groups.


  • The Lowey Products barrel tuners are made of aluminium - this allows them to be anodised various different colours
  • The adjustable weight is stainless steel - this is engraved with a measurement scale for precise setting
  • The extension out the front of the tuner allows for a dove tail to be cut for sight fitting.
  • Carbon fibre barrel tuners allow for extra sight extension without adding extra weight (made from 200mm up to 300mm long)


As long as we are given the barrel's diameter the tuners can be bored to suit many different barrel sizes, from:
  • 12mm to 19mm (.472 - .750) - smaller tuner
  • 19mm to 25.8mm (.750 - 1.015) - larger tuner

Types & Extras

  • Standard
  • Dove tail cut (large tuner only)
  • Anodised (with or without dove tail)
  • Locater (assists with re-locating the tuner to the same position every time - large tuner only)
  • Carbon fibre barrel tuner
  • Tuner cleaning rod

Benchrest Stocks

Lowey Products are importing custom made laminated bench rest stocks


  • 3 inch fore end
  • Thumb hole stocks available
  • Various colours available
  • All stocks can be inletted and bedded to suit your action and barrel

Bolt Knobs

Most modern target rifles standard bolt knob can be removed. If you can remove the bolt knob on your current rifle, you are able to replace that standard boring black bolt knob with a colourful Lowey Products bolt knob.

There are 3 main designs

  • Wine Keg/Barrel
  • Round/Ball
  • Honey Dipper Bolt Knob


  • Inexpensive way to personalise your rifle
  • Great way to identify your bolts when in storage
  • Available in various colours, so you can match one to your rifle

Suits - 6mm and 8mm thread

  • Anschutz
  • Barnard
  • Bleiker
  • Feinwerkbau
  • Grunig and Elmiger
  • Lithgow Crossover LA101
  • Millenium
  • RPA
  • Walther

Bolt Protectors

Patent No.: PCT/AU2007/000035

The bolt protector has been designed to house the bolt and automatically release the pressure from the spring when inserted. It also protects the bolt from dust/dirt, knocks, falls and is an excellent accessory for storage and transportation of your rifle. It is a must have for every shooter, as many laws now require the bolt to be transported and stored separate from the rifle.


  • Made from plastic, so it doesn't damage the bolt in any way.
  • Releases pressure on the spring - promoting longevity - maintaining consistency in spring pressure.
  • Keeps bolt protected from dust and dirt.
  • Removable end cap to enable easy cleaning.
  • Alleviates the need for touch - reducing possible bolt corrosion through skin oils.
  • Keeps bolt gun oils, free of dust and dirt.
  • Protects bolt from being damaged through knocks and bumps.
  • Excellent casing for storage of bolt when separate from the rifle.
  • Bolt protector is resistant to gun lubricants.

Suits (Click on type for picture!)

Cleaning Rod Guides

Our cleaning rod guides are designed to assist the cleaning rod slide centrally and smoothly into the breech of your rifle, protecting the breech from any damage.Our guides have a lock-in mechanism, preventing movement whilst cleaning your barrel. They are of moulded plastic to the shape of your action.By transporting your rifle with the rod guide set into your breech, it is also clearly evident to any inspector that the bolt has been correctly removed for storage and/or transport.


  • Made from plastic, so it doesn't damage the breech in any way
  • If the cleaning rod guide is left in the breech, our colourful design makes it easy to see that the bolt has been removed
  • Prevents solvents and oils from leaking into the trigger/breech when cleaning
  • With the added feature of a 'lock-in' mechanism, you will always be sure that your cleaning rod is running parallel to the breech
  • Our cleaning rod guides are resistant to gun lubricants and solvents
  • Cleaning rod guides are available in various colours


  • Anschutz 1761 (.17 or .22)
  • Anschutz 54.30
  • Anschutz Match 54 & 54 Repeater (.17 or .22)
  • Anschutz Match 64 & 64 Repeater (.17 or .22)
  • Bergara B14R (.17 or .22)
  • Brno - Models 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • CZ 457 (.17 or .22)
  • CZ Rimfire 452, 453 & 455 (.17 or .22)
  • Feinwerkbau
  • Hall
  • Lithgow Crossover LA101 (.17 or .22)
  • Remington 581
  • Ruger Precision .22LR (R/H only)
  • Sako - Finnfire and Quad .22LR/.22WMR
  • Savage Mk II - E receiver only (.17 or .22)
  • Stiller 2500X
  • Stiller Trident
  • Tikka T1X
  • Turbo (V1, V2 & V3)
  • Valmet M59
  • Vudoo 360 Repeater
  • Walther - KKM, KK300 & KK500
  • Weihrauch

If your rifle is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out if it has been recently added to our list, as we are continuing work on expanding our range.

Single Shot Adapters

The single shot adapter is designed to fit neatly into the space of the magazine. This allows the rifle to be loaded one shot at a time.


  • The Lowey Products adapter is made of plastic which prevents the metal on metal wear and tear
  • Our adapter is made in various colours to allow easy identification and recognition


  • Anschutz 1761
  • Anschutz Repeater .22LR
  • Bergara B14R
  • Brno Rimfire .22LR
  • CZ 452 .17 HMR
  • CZ 457 .22LR
  • CZ Rimfire .22LR
  • Lithgow Crossover LA101
  • Savage Mk II .22LR - E receiver only

Trigger Kits

We are the Australian manufacturers of a Brno/CZ trigger shim and spring kit. The design of this kit will provide lighter trigger operation and will also eliminate most trigger creep.


  • 5 shimming tubes for eliminating trigger creep
  • 3/32 roll pin to replace the old trigger pin
  • 4 springs to choose from to best suit your shooting needs for lightening the trigger pull


  • CZ 452
  • CZ 455
  • Brno Models 2, 4 & 5